Green Job Sector: Safety and Business Environmentally Friendly Products


Green Job Sector: Safety and Business Environmentally Friendly Products



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September 14, 2021 - 6:31pm

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Although safety is one concern, being environmentally friendly is another. Rather than pertaining to the personnel or the consumer safety, this revolves around the product itself, how it is made, and the impact on the environment from using it. 


What makes a product environmentally friendly? One popular brand that is famous for its cute duck ads is Dawn, and their dish soap. Working with International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center, they have worked hard to help animals affected by oil pollution (Dawn).  Biodegradable, non-toxic, and using “35% PCR (post consumer recycled) content in clear bottles”, it is a company very active in making products that are committed to a better environment (Dawn). A huge rising competitor to this massive soap brand is Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation makes more than just soap, but also uses many plant based/derived ingredients, with only synthetic materials in place of petroleum or natural gas carbon. Just like Dawn, their ingredients list is open to the public, but Seventh Generation also displays their Impact Reports, displaying their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their sustainable sourcing percentages. A graph of Seventh Generation’s 2020 Better Plastic Improvement and a graph of their 2020 Sustainable Sourcing is depicted on the left. (Seventh Generation)


Both of these products are results of many hours of lab work and work hard to continue to recycle, reuse, and make products biodegradable. Even though both products are not perfectly sustainable, and by no means are going to change everything, they do take a massive leap forwards in reducing waste and setting the example for other companies to follow. Not only are these companies good at selling the environmental point, they are also sold at an affordable cost, making them very appealing to consumers and puts them into the category as an appropriate technology. Although we do not know how much emissions result from producing these products necessarily, it is important to record the values such as GHG emissions to at least show that the company is attempting to achieve their goals in reducing pollution as much as possible. 


By classifying as an appropriate technology and recording the data to make their product credible, businesses can appeal to the consumer market and spread awareness for environmentally safer options. Read more about Seventh Generation’s Principle of Precaution here and click the links above to see sources and more about Dawn.



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