Log of Past COVID Collaboration Calls



Thursday, August 6: Learning PECE 2. READ MORE

Thursday, July 30: COVID Project Reflections, Framings and Plans. READ MORE. 

Thursday, July 23: COVID, Higher Ed and the COVID Student Ethnographic Portfolio Project. READ MORE

Thursday, July 9 & 16: COVID as Disaster. READ MORE. 

Thursday, July 2: COVID Communications.  READ MORE. 

Thursday, June 25: COVID-19 Student Ethnographic Portfolio Project. READ MORE.  (direct link to project page and assignment portfolio) 

Thursday, June 18: Learning PECE. READ MORE (with video of call)

Thursday, June 11: COVID-19, Anti-Blackness and Rebellious Mourning. READ MORE

Friday, May 29: Theorizing Place and COVID-19. READ MORE. 

Friday, May 22: Governing Places and Compound Vulnerabilities.  READ MORE 

Friday, May 15: COVID-19 + Postcolonial Theory (with collaborative reading of Spivak's "Subaltern Studies: Deconstructing Historiography." READ MORE

Thursday, May 14: COVID-19 in Kenya (hosted by the Research Data KE Working Group, a partner project). For more information, contact Angela Okune (aokune@uci.edu). 

Wednesday, May 13: COVID-19 & Air Pollution (hosted by The Asthma Files, apartner project). READ MORE 

Friday, May 8: COVID-19 and Education. READ MORE

Friday, May 1: Collaborative reading of Climate Leviathan. READ MORE


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May 5, 2020 - 5:22pm

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Log of T/D-STS COVID Collaboration Calls. 


Kim Fortun

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