People's Timelines

Under Construction


This project would involve preparing students to collect timelines of the pandemic generated by various research participants, perhaps as part of interviews taking place as part of other Student Ethnographic Portfolio projects.  The project would build on some of the observations and methods of the Superstorm Research Center around Hurricane Sandy, including the collection of alternative timelines of the disaster and the recognition that two frameworks--one centering on “fast” disaster defined by an extreme weather event and one on “slow” disaster defined by the ways that inequality fundamentally shaped the crisis--tend to be used by different actors to understand Superstorm Sandy, complicate traditional temporalizations of disaster, and shape everything from policy responses to data collection and representational practices (Liboiron 2014, 2015).  

This project would have the potential to generate rich visualizations of the diversity of experiences and conceptualization of the pandemic, as well as how they are shaped by geographic and social location.