QA Austin Collaboration Agreement


In applying to participate in this project, I recognize that 1) the project will require approximately three hours a week in the weeks before and after meeting in Austin (February 24-May 4); 2) I'll need to register and be ready to work on the project's digital platform,; 3)  this is a collaborative project and that credit for creative products resulting from the project will be shared; 4) the project is supported with scarce academic resources that need to be well used -- making it especially important to follow through with commitments to participate in all stages of the project, keeping James Adams ( informed if my plans must change; 5) this is an experimental, low-budget knowledge project that will require flexibility, cooperative effort, and patience with logistical changes and problems.


Creative Commons Licence


Contributed date

January 26, 2020 - 1:48pm

Critical Commentary

This artifact expressess the expectations of all QA Austin Field Campus participants.