Rabach, K., T. Schütz and K. Fortun. 2019. Civic Data. In Environmental Injustice Summer 2020. Disaster STS Network. University of California Irvine.

EPA EJ Screen 2.0

The EPA Environmental Justice screening and mapping tool visualizes demographic and environmental data for geographic regions in the United States. The map allows comparison on regional, stand and national scale, making use of a distinct set of indicators.

LA Times Mapping LA

The map, created by the LA Times visualizes neighborhood-scale data for the entire Los Angeles County, including population, age, income, education, etc. 

Healthy City

Anit-Eviction Mapping Project

LA Police Killings Database

This database created by the LA Times visualizes police killings in Los Angeles County since 2000, including individual names, cumulative statistics, and an interactive map. Users can toggle the map between different ethnic groups (Latino, Black, Asian, white). 

Mapping Indigineous LA

National Energy Map

Run by the FracTracker Alliance, the mapping tools gives an overview of the operations of energy and petrochemical companies in the United States. Users can toggle between different kinds of industries and infrastructures (e.g. offshore petroleum and gas production).