Ruhr Valley and Delhi. Megacity Air Pollution in Germany and India

Learning from clean air during covid lockdowns

With this case, we discuss lessons from air pollution reduction during Coronavirus induced policies in Germany and India. "Lockdowns" and health hazards of air pollution for lung diseases have been extensively discussed publicly, which we show...Read more

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Stefan Laser. Andreas Rienow, Torben Dedring, 2021, "Ruhr Valley and Delhi. Megacity Air Pollution in Germany and India", Disaster STS Network, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 2 December 2021, accessed 2 December 2021.

What is the setting of this case study?

What environmental threats are there in the Ruhr and Delhi air? Let’s get started

The pollution hazards in the Ruhr and Delhi differ, especially in their magnitude. Yet historical similarities and some hazards that have remained constant until today show why a joint discussion of the sites is worthwhile. The Ruhr and Delhi...Read more

Let’s review the data on Ruhr valley and Delhi air more critically

The snapshots provided by ESA are compelling, yet their focus is not aligned with actual lockdown periods, we cannot clearly identify the Ruhr and Delhi areas, among other things. So here’s a more accurate analysis of what has been going on....Read more

The Discourse around Clean Air

What are the themes that are discussed with regard to air pollution on social media?

We explore socialcultural factors of air pollution through the lens of social media interactions. Drawing on literature in the fields of digital media and critical data studies, we argue that the rich data provided by Twitter in particular...Read more

How was reported? And what have different stakeholder groups done (or not done) in response to the problems of air pollution in the Ruhr Valley and Delhi?

The political spaces of air pollution are enacted differently in the Ruhr Valley and Delhi. The Twitter data gives us some hints, when we look at the most engaging tweets from users that have Germany (and sometimes mentioning areas in the Ruhr...Read more