Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) Organization Profile


Media Perceptions

The majority of recent articles (as of February 2022) are about the impact of the Omicron surge on teacher and student absences and instruction....Read more

Organizational Structure

SAUSD has 5,000 total employees, including but not limited to: teachers, school administrators (principals), school staff (counselors, librarians, nurses, paraprofessionals, janitors, lunch...Read more

Community Engagement and Equity

The school board is elected, so they are at least somewhat accountable to residents of Santa Ana (although the boundaries of SAUSD are not coterminous with the boundaries of the city of Santa Ana...Read more


The annual operating budget for the district is about $710 million, plus $177 million in "other funds." This needs to be double-checked by someone who has a better understanding of budgets than I...Read more

Other Organizations

Various unions, including but not limited to:

  • Santa Ana Educators Association
  • California Teachers Association
  • California Federation of Teachers
  • Association of
  • ...Read more