Buna Werke Schkopau: A Toxic Tour

Welcome to the start of the Buna Toxic Tour!

Here's a map of the tour to get a first overview. The compound of the Buna Werke Schkopau, located south of Halle (Saale) in Middle Germany, is indicated in red. Go ahead and zoom in with your browser to explore the neighbourhood! All stops of the tour are listed below. But wait, let's start the tour together.

Map of Schkopau

© Fritz Kühlein/OpenStreetMap (2021)



1 - FOUNDATION STONE IN KORBETHA: From past to present – historical outline of the chemical site Schkopau

2 - BUNA-KLUBHAUS X 50: Toxicity at Buna during the GDR - an encounter with witnesses to history

3 - EDGE CONTAINMENT WELLS: The management of toxic groundwater bodies in the Anthropocene

4 - LANDFILL SITE AND BROOK LAUCHA: On the injustice of the legal framework of remediation and ongoing contamination

5 - BEESEN WATERWORKS: The toxic heritage of Buna in the groundwater of southern Halle and its contemporary traces

6 - SCHKOPAU CASTLE: Dow’s self-presentation and the residents of Schkopau

7 - SCULPURE AT ENTRANCE GATE: Responsibility for toxic remainings



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