Slow Seoul Workshop


Slow Seoul Workshop

In Seoul, S. Korea January 27 - February 29 2020

At the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - Seoul

Slow Futures Laboratory presents the Slow Seoul workshop which is primarily a workshop for designers to explore the dimensions and dynamics of anthropogenic activity in the context of Seoul, the densest city in South Korea.

A key objective will be to create a series of speculative films about the future of Seoul when potential scenarios due to these anthropogenic activities are played out within the city of Seoul. Central to the mission is to create discourse in S. Korea through these films about anthropogenic issues that exists in the now.

As Seoul has historically been one of the fastest cities for growth, the workshop will examine the impacts of hyperindustrialized growth and a future where growth drastically slows.

Participants will work in small teams which focus on three themes:

1) Ecological Data & Data Infrastructures

2) Plastic Ecologies & Hierarchies

3) Living in the Dust Age

The workshop will be split into three phases: design ethnography, speculative objects, and storytelling. In the design enthography phase workshop participants will investigate a particular site situated in Seoul based on one of the three themes. They will conduct a site survey along with secondary research to understand scales, systems, and other anthropogenic factors in relation to the space. Phase two will include synthesizing this research and creating speculative objects that may exist on the sight in the future. The final phase will be to create a short film that situates the speculative objects within the site to communicate how certain anthropogenics have the potential to change the site.

Theme 3: Living in the Dust Age

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Theme 1: Ecological Data & Data Center Infrastructures

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Theme 2: Plastic Ecologies & Hierarchies

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Slow Futures Laboratory

Slow Futures Laboratory is a design research & education organization that makes, curates, and archives new narratives that imagine alternative futures to engage with sustainability in a critical and socially engaged way. As the rising number of climate activists are pushing for faster action against climate change, the general public is beginning to see the signs that our style of life, and the values placed by society in relation to our pace of life are not ideal for sustainable survival.

This organization was started because over the past several years members of Slow Future’s lab have noticed a distortion between the frictionless nature of our lived lives and the invisible or hidden consequences that come with it. At Slow Futures Lab we challenge the notion of progress as the acceleration of production, consumption or attention. Instead we gather around the word ‘slow’ as a lexicon for combatting the notion that better, faster, stronger isn’t always the answer.

Slow Futures Laboratory recognizes speed and acceleration have been fundamental points of leverage in capitalist society. We also believe that this accelerated way of living is what causes social inequality, political unravelings, and ecological dangers and is a consequence of stress being put on people, the environment, and our society.