St James Parish, Louisiana, USA

Formosa Plastics continues to expand, extending production capacity at existing sites and with plans for a new multi-billion dollar chemical manufacturing complex in St. James Parish, Louisiana, an area already known as “Cancer Alley.” Lawsuits have been filed and activists have been mobilized to challenge approval of the project by Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality. Arguments against approval refer to Formosa Plastics’ long history of misconduct, to the area’s already exceptionally high pollution burden, and to the history and present challenges of nearby African American communities. They also note massive local property tax exemptions, approved by the Louisiana Board of Commerce. Formosa Plastics and Louisiana state agencies continue to insist that the new complex will bring jobs and other economic benefits (Mosbrucker 2020).

Image: Juneteenth Protest at the construction site of Formosa Plastic's petrochemical facility in St. James Parish, StopFormosa 2020.


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December 19, 2020

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Jack Reno Sweeney, Tim Schütz, Shan-Ya Su, Wen-Ling Tu, Kim Fortun, Chia-Liang Shih and Hung-Yang Lin. 19 December 2020, "St James Parish, Louisiana, USA", Project: Formosa Plastics Global Archive, Disaster STS Network, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 14 February 2022, accessed 27 June 2022.