Toxic Data Infrastructures: Emission and Ridesharing

My work is centered around the formation of civic data about vulnerable communities, primarily focused on the practices of categorizing and classifying transportation and pollution data in in Southern California. My work is committed to furthering research on civic infrastructures and human-computer-interaction by revealing the complex data economy among emerging transportation infrastructures, such as Uber and Lyft, and its social consequences. I am particularly interested in how information infrastructures, while making certain data visible, selectively renders others opaque. The invisibility of the link between transportation problems in Southern California and related risks, ranging from air pollution to governance, creates a kind of grey politics that is especially harmful to marginalized communities in the area.  The images I propose attempts to capture this link through various data-driven work including; 1) visualizing data sets accessible from OEHAA, 2) found images, and 3) and a short analysis of the visualizations.


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December 5, 2018

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