Visualizing Toxic Discourse(s): Reproducing Vulnerability to HIV in Santa Ana

This project looks into how contemporary HIV risk discourse reproduces HIV vulnerability in Santa Ana. Here I invoke critical works that highlight how HIV risk governance ignores the effects of structural violence on marginalized communities. Adam Geary asserts that neoliberal HIV risk governance focuses on behavioral oriented solutions- as opposed to addressing poverty and racism. Culture becomes the scapegoat rendering “structural violence”invisible. This project uses -discourse analyses- to look into how language use by institutions obscures the production of the issue. For example, the term MSM was a pseudo-medical term until it was then later transformed into an identity category. The transformation of MSM into an identity category -ignores the fluid logic of sexuality that makes a high-risk population hard to reach. Visualizing Toxic Discourses looks at the ways language helps to conjure vulnerability. A deconstruction of language is imperative to a more critical response to HIV.



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December 5, 2018

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