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Weather Ready Homes- 2019

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Kenner, Alison and Sarah Stalcup. "Weather Ready Homes- 2019".  Disaster STS Network, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, (12 February 2020).

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About the 2019 Weather Ready Homes Workshops

In early 2019, the Climate, Health, and Home team received funding from the CUSP mini-grant program for the sixth consecutive year. The 2019 workshops focused on climate change preparedness, home weatherization, and mold risks. As in past years, the workshops were designed to run for two hours. The...Read more

Workshop Surveys

At the open and close of each workshop, attendees were presented with surveys. The pre-workshop survey asked attendees about their demographics and topics such as energy use, flooding, mold, air quality, health, housing, and climate change. The post-workshop surveys asked attendees for feedback on the workshop itself, what they thought the city and its agencies could be doing better to deal with climate change, what recourses they felt they were still in need of, and what new concerns they had after attending the workshop.

2019 Data Overview


– Again this year our workshop participants were overwhelmingly female (72%)

– The most common self-identification of participant ethnicity was Black or African American (49%), followed by White (27%), and Hispanic or Latino (7%)

– The income range of participants was broad across the three workshops, with 30% of participants reporting annual income under $25k (45% did not provide a response)

-52% of participants attended at least some college and 65% were homeowners

– North (21) and North Delaware (15) planning districts had the greatest number of participants, followed by West Park (12) and West (10)



From the Surveys

-41% of participants reported that they had experienced flooding in their homes.

-35% of participants reported that their home had been damaged by weather.

-37% of participants have dealt with mold in their homes.

-74% of participants reported that they or someone they live with suffers from breathing problems.

-41% of participants reported having an emergency preparedness plan in place.

-49% of participants reported that they could explain climate change if asked.

-29% of participants reported that they had received a shut-off notice for at least one utility.

After the workshops

-18% of participants reported having new concerns.

-91% of participants reported that they feel they have the resources to get help if they need it.

-78% of participants indicated that they found the mold presentation to be one of the most useful parts of the workshop.

-Participants suggested future workshop topics could include home weatherization and energy efficiency, emergency planning, asthma prevention, gardening, home repairs, recycling, first aid, and legal assistance to homeowners.

-Participants most often cited better information networks, increased educational programs, emergency preparedness kits, public service announcements, and greater enforcement of environmental regulations as the best ways the city can prepare for climate change.

Workshop Presentations

The workshop structure included introductory and concluding formats that were designed to give participants space to share their experiences and concerns. The workshops were anchored by four presentations from partner organizations, and two interactive activities. The following are the presentations that were given at the 2019 Weather Ready Homes workshops. 

Material From Workshop Booklet

At each workshop, the Climate Ready Philly team offered attendees additional resources that they could reference and utilize beyond the conclusion of the workshop such as: