WEEK 01: Disastrous Times

April 15, 2021

"Weldon Spring Site Containment Cell" by Tim Schütz, March 2019, CC BY 4.0


Read: Sugla, R. (2020). Opinion: We need massive societal change if we're going to survive and thrive on earth, Ensia, September 11, 2020. (link)


Elinoff, E., & Vaughan, T. eds.  2020. Disastrous Times: Beyond Environmental Crisis in Urbanizing Asia. University of Pennsylvania Press. (link)

Schütz, T. (2019). Archiving for the Anthropocene: Notes from the Field Campus. Platypus. The CASTAC Blog.  (link)

Key Concept

quotidian anthropocene


  • Register on the Disaster STS Network.
  • Request membership for our group workspace
  • Sign up for Word of the Week by the Society of American Archivists. See also their database past keyword
  • Fill out shared research scope document (as much as currently possible).