Watch: Safe Side of the Fence. 2015. 108 min. USA. (link)


Atomic Homefront. 2018. 97 min. HBO. USA. (link).

Rosol, C. & Turnbull, T. (2019, May 7). The Mississippi Project: Disclosing the Anthropocene in the American Heartland. Mississippi. An Anthropocene River. Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Berlin. (link)

Wittenauer, C. (2004, February 29). Woman Crusades for Ailing Nuclear Workers, Families. Los Angeles Times. (link)


1. Write three short annotations for the film, responding to a question from the structured fieldnotes, civic data capacity and anthropocene archive analytics.

2. Pick three questions from your case study framework and write short responses (200-400 words) -- i.e. flesh out the notes you collected in your petrochemical case study sketchbook.

Important: divide the writing tasks among your group members, so that you cover as many questions as possible. 

You don't need to complete your entire case study, as you will have more time to work on it in class the following week.