Read: Hopkins, J. S. (2017, February 17). The Invisible Hazard Afflicing Thousands of Schools. The Center for Public Integrity. (link)

Explore: Tanio, N. & Hernandez, F. A. (2020). San Gabriel Valley. The Asthma Files. (link)

Explore: Tanio, N. & Hernandez, F. A. (2020). Toxic Walks: Visualizing a Walk to the Farm. The Asthma Files. (link)


Gardiner, B. (2019a). Choked: Life and breath in the age of air pollution. University of Chicago Press. (link)

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1. Read and explore the material for the week.

2. Find one artifact related to air pollution in your case study site (e.g. a report, photo, map, website link, etc.). Upload the artifact to the platform and write two annotations, using the analytic for civic data capacity.

3. If possible, complete a draft of sketch #9: Data and Research Priorities.