What ideas do you have for further development of the Transnational Disaster STS COVID 19 project?


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Pedro de la Torre III's picture
July 30, 2020

I would love to have the community that has come together around this project to collaborate on creating some resources that could be interesting to broader academic and non-academic communities. For example, it would be great to work together to create some timelines on the platform around various themes relevant to COVID-19, and to do critical readings toghether of key scientific or official documents using the annotation features.

Beyond creating the "products" themselves, I think we would get a lot out of exercise in terms of thinking together on these kinds of projects.

July 30, 2020

I would like to think more about the politics of collaboration. Who does what kind of labor in a transnational project? How do we make our political and ethical commitments visible?

This brings me to the infrastructures at present for collaboration: How do we navigate between using the platform for collaboration and using the Collective call time? I would like to suggest that we have rotating roles for note-taking, archiving and analysing Collective call data. We can use Otter.ai for live transcription. It is not the best in terms of encryption but it's smooth and easy. Do people have other suggestions of live transcription softwares? 

To archive the existing Collaboation Calls, we can (I can contribute) make a Timeline essay which would serve as a log and place to annotate meta-analysis of those calls. 

Tim Schütz's picture
July 29, 2020

I've been thinking about different ways we can relay our work via different media formats -- creating more pathways to our digital workspace. 

One idea is to create a simple set of slides that showcase our collaboration collections, which can be shared as PDF. Here's a first draft on Canva.

I think we could move all signage-creation to Canva. It works more smoothly than Google Slides, and it keeps a record of uploaded images.  I'll set up templates for us.