5. What have different stakeholder groups done (or not done) in response to the problems in this case?


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May 23, 2021
In response to:

"[Formosa Plastics] paid $50 million in a consent decree to create the Matagorda Bay Mitigation Trust. The money is spread across environmental restoration and protection projects to mitigate the effects of decades of pollution. It also establishes the Matagorda Bay Fishing Cooperative to help shrimpers and fishers and oyster harvesters revitalize local seafood businesses." 

Source: https://capitalandmain.com/hellcat-big-oil-great-grandmother-is-fighting...

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April 22, 2021

Smelling the pollution 

Government initiated monitoring infrastructure not from the very beginning but only after the explosions

Ms Hsu’s family is respected, leading the talks between villagers and company  

Support by Mayor Ko

Asked the local councilors to take action (2002)


Photo collection, press conference, organized villagers to go to Taipei (they were more excited about the high speed rail?); visit and signature by the Vice president Chen 陳建仁

Ask the EPA to set up monitor (moving) 

“Number” system for reporting explosion/illegal emission

Witness Theatre

Exhibition in national museums 

Protest against the No. 8, especially after two  2010 explosions 

2005: Prof. Chang swimming naked; publishing 

Formosa Plastics: released two press releases after the exhibition, arguing that 1) people live long and 2) blaming individual behaviors (smoking? Drinking? betel nut?)

2010: Formosa starts investing in Mailiao 

2020: investigation into the reg