Teaching and Governing Radiated Places


Image of a radiation trefoil sign superimposed by an origami crane

Webinar Recording Teaching and Governing Radiated Places, Past and Future

6pm Monday 29 March 2021 PDT = 10:00 Tuesday 30 March 2021 JST

In this session, we will focus on particular places facing radiation hazards, addressing their past and current governance and key lessons that should be shared in building next generation radiation governance capacities. 

Questions for panelists

What are the teachable moments in your study?

How do local actors navigate regional and national governance infrastructures?

How does knowledge across places circulate and intersect?

What is needed for the next generation of radiation governance?


Site types

Uranium mines (ex: Namibia, Navajo Nation)

Power Plants and Accident (ex: Fukushima, Chernobyl, 3-Mile Island)

Radioactive Waste (Okinawa, Marshall Islands, Indigenous lands in Southwestern US)

Storage (Finland, Japan, US, etc.)

Nuclear Medicine (global)

Uranium Mining

Nuclear Power Plants

Radioactive Waste and Storage

Legacy of the Bomb: St Louis Nuclear Waste (1989)

This Report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch contains information about the history of radioactive waste in the city dating back to WWIIRead more

Trans-local Organization

Additional Resources

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