Anthropologists Are Talking – About the Anthropocene

This article is a transcript of a conversation about the Anthropocene and Anthropology between Donna Haraway, Noboru Ishikawa, Scott F. Gilbertc, Kenneth Olwig, Anna L. Tsing, & Nils Bubandt.Read more

Success Stories from the Missouri Buyout Program (2002)

This is a 2002 report by the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency.Read more

The Politics of the Anthropogenic

Nathan F. Sayre reviews the literature on the knowledge politics of the Anthropocene.Read more

Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, Chthulucene: Making Kin

Donna Haraway discusses her take on the Anthropocene as Chthulucene and her call to "Make Kin Not Babies."Read more

Geologic life: prehistory, climate, futures in the Anthropocene

Kathryn Yusoff discusses what the framework of the Anthropocene means for natural and social sciences in relation to understandings of time, matter, and human agency.Read more

Unions and the climate justice movement

Steve Ongerth analyses class struggle as an analogue to the struggle for climate justice.Read more


Gabrielle Hecht discusses the Anthropocene in the African context and outlines her approach to the problems of scale posed by anthropocenics.Read more

Racial Capitalocene

Françoise Vergès discusses analyses of the Anthropocene at the intersection of race, capitalism, imperialism, and gender that have been produced by minorities and scholars of the global south.Read more

What Does Catastrophe Reveal for Whom? The Anthropology of Crises and Disasters at the Onset of the Anthropocene

This is an Annual Review of the anthropological literature on crises and disaster in the Anthropocene.Read more

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