Unions and the climate justice movement

Steve Ongerth analyses class struggle as an analogue to the struggle for climate justice.Read more

Molecular Red: Theory for the Anthropocene (Except On Alexander Bogdanov and Kim Stanley Robinson)

In this edited except from Moleculor Red, Mckenzie Wark develops the "labor perspective" on the Anthropocene.Read more

The Politics of the Anthropogenic

Nathan F. Sayre reviews the literature on the knowledge politics of the Anthropocene.Read more

Environmental Injustice Case Study Sarnia, Ontario, July 2021

This case study report was developed by students at the Goethe University Frankfurt, for the graduate class, “Archiving for the Anthropocene,” taught by Tim Schütz. The case study framework was adapted from...Read more

Reading List: Corporate Museums & Petrochemicals

Barrett, R. and Worden, D. (eds.) (2014). Oil Culture . University of Minnesota Press.

Bouquet, M., & Porto, N. (Eds.). (2006)....Read more

A Billion Black Anthropocenes

McKenzie Wark reviews A Billion Black Anthropocenes by Kathryn Yusoff.Read more

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