Combo Disaster Tour: Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe

The Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe, near the Whitney Museum, is our next stop. The Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe is owned by Joy Banner and her sister Jo, descendants of enslaved people who opened the cafe to tell more of the story of their region from their community’s perspective and to preserve their community’s rich...Read more

Archiving for the Anthropocene: Notes from the Field Campus

Post for the blog Platypus, run by the Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology & Computing (CASTAC). 

"We know that data infrastructure for the Anthropocene will be complicated. It will need to respond to ways the Anthropocene is playing out in...Read more

Annotations: May 15 2020 COVID Collaboration Call

Annotations on the collaboration call by:

Annotations: May 8 2020 COVID COLLABORATION CALL

The collaboration call was annotated by:

Environmental Injustice Case Study Sarnia, Ontario, July 2021

This case study report was developed by students at the Goethe University Frankfurt, for the graduate class, “Archiving for the Anthropocene,” taught by Tim Schütz. The case study framework was adapted from...Read more

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