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Legal Document: Plaintiffs’ Second Amended Proposed Findings of Fact

Plaintiffs’ Second Amended Proposed Findings of Fact document from the citizen lawsuit Waterkeepers vs. Formosa Plastics

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Photo Essay: Stormwater Outfall, Formosa Plastics Texas

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Photo: Outfalls 02, 04 and 05, 08.25.2018

August 2018, outfalls 2,4,5 into Cox Creek. This view is facing north to the facility.

Photo: Missing Gate Outfall 006

November 20, 2017, missing screen on gate at Formosa outfall 06 that discharges into Cox Creek

Photo: Ditch and Pipe Discharge Outfall 007, 11.2017

November 2017, earthen ditch and pipe discharge of Formosa outfall 07 into Cox Creek

Photo: Formosa Outfall 08, 11.2017

November 2017, Waterkeeper Ronnie Hamrick at Formosa outfall 08 near Cox Creek.

Photo: Sampling at Outfall 08

November 2017, Waterkeepers Hamrick and David Sumpter at Formosa outfall 08 at Cox Creek

Photo: Outfall 011, 2020.05

May 2020, Formosa outfall 011 that discharges into Lavaca Bay at loading dock area

Photo: Outfall 09, 08.17. 2018

2018 Formosa outfall 09 into Cox Creek

Photo: Observing Spillway, 11.2018

Dec 2018, Diane Wilson, Waterkeeper, on south side of Cox Creek (Alcoa dam area) spillway and observing cement discharge entrance.

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