Newsom Proclamation: State of Emergency

Governor Gavin Newsom proclaims a state of emergency in California in response to COVID-19.Read more

List of "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers"

On April 28, 2020, the California State Public Health Officer released this list identifying and describing who counts as an "essential critical infrastructure worker."Read more

Executive Order N-46-20

State led effort to relieve shortages in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers working to combat COVID-19.Read more

California Budget Act of 2020

On June 29, 2020, Gavin Newsome signed the 2020 Budget Act, authorizing a $202.1 billion spending plan to help with COVID-19 response efforts and to boost the California economy. 5.7 billion will be allocated towards personal protective equipment, hospital surge preparation, and to help protect...Read more

Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act

This act specifies that no tenant can be evicted due to failure to pay rent as a result of financial hardships brought on by COVID-19 until February 1, 2021.Read more

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