California at Risk

Field Works, La Plaza: Past and Present

I designed this field works trip as a way to allow for interested participants to analyze La Plaza as a case study for LA’s, and view it as a site of the visible intersections of environmental, cultural, socioeconomic, and urban vulnerabilities. One of the goals of this...Read more

Ethnosketch, Competing Hegemonies: CA Homeless

Competing Hegemonies with LA Homeless/Shelter BedsRead more

EthnoSketch: Historicizing a Project

This sketch should include at least ten events that had significance in the historical build up to your project space -- from your perspective, and from the perspective of people in your various “divided vernaculars”.   It should also select a nodal year – like 1984 for my Bhopal...Read more

Ethnographic Sketch, Mapping Subject Positions

This ethnographic sketch highlights the competing visions and objectives of persons and entities involved with shaping La Plaza's history, culture, politics, and infrastructure. Read more

Ethnographic Sketch, Timeline and List of Organizations

This timeline shows several events in La Plaza's long history that proved foundational in creating the current socioeconomic issues the district faces today. It also shows several La Plaza organizations, many of whom have competing interests and visions of La Plaza. Read more

EthnoSketch: Mapping Subject Positions

In this sketch, compile statements made by a particular subject or type of subject you are studying.  On the left, list myriad forces and factors that compel or catalyze the subject to say these things (instead of some other things, as Foucault would say).  On the right, list what...Read more

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