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Environmental Injustice Case Study Sarnia, Ontario, July 2021

This case study report was developed by students at the Goethe University Frankfurt, for the graduate class, “Archiving for the Anthropocene,” taught by Tim Schütz. The case study framework was adapted from...Read more

Archiving for the Anthropocene: Needs, Designs, Tactics (PDF)

PDF version of Archiving for the Anthropocene.Read more

Civic Data for the Anthropocene: Visualizing Taiwan's Formosa Plastics

In October 2019, Taiwanese petrochemical company Formosa Plastics agreed to pay a record settlement of $50 million for their release of plastic pellets into Lavaca Bay and Cox Creek in Texas. The settlement was achieved by a group of activists that made extensive use of “citizen science...Read more

Ethnographers and Civic Data Infrastructure: Insights from Environmental Activists (Tim Schütz)

Environmental civic data are data that help turn entangled economic, environmental and public health issues into matters of public concern. Activists encounter data gaps but also collect huge amounts of data over years of work. Both point to a need for civic data ...Read more

Civic Community Archiving with the Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography: Double Binds and Design Challenges (Preprint)

Community archives serve an array of purposes and types of communities (fan clubs, scientists in particular disciplines, ethnic neighborhoods). We discuss here civic community archives; civic archives, like “civic science,” haveexpressly progressive political aims, question established order,...Read more

Data Justice and COVID-19: Global Perspectives

The book contains 38 essays of commentary and analysis comparing and contrasting how different surveillance technologies have been rolled-out in response to the pandemic. With sixty different authors covering events in over thirty countries.Read more

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