Data analytics

What visualizations can be produced with this data resource and what can they be used to demonstrate?

One of the only data visualizations this site offers is plotting down pinpoints on a map showing individual facilities. If there is more than one site in a certain geographical area then it...Read more

How scales (county, regional, neighborhood, census tract) can be seen through this data resource?

This data resource can scale from the state level down to the census tract in terms of facility locations. For data visuals it groups sites together so you can not get a comprehensive...Read more

What can be demonstrated or interpreted with this data set?

What this lacks in visualizations it makes up for drastically in easy to use UI and for creating one location for all of the state's facility data. By using its advanced search tool...Read more

What data is drawn into the data resource and where does it come from?

CalEPA Regulated Site Portal (CalEPA RSP) does not generate any of their own data but combines data from 7 state data sets and 2 federal datasets. 

State Data Sets: Cal/...Read more

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