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Dismantling EPA: What This Means for Vermont - op-ed

This 2017 op-ed by David Bond and Phoebe Cohen (Assistant Professor of Geosciences at Williams College in Massachusetts) was originally published in the Bennington Banner. The article can also be viewed on...Read more

The Science of Catastrophe: Making Sense of the BP Oil Spill

This 2011 article by David Bond is available on his faculty web page.

Read the first few paragraphs below:

“The Invisible Catastrophe”

One of the hardest things about studying the largest oil...Read more

Oil in the Caribbean: Refineries, Mangroves, and the Negative Ecologies of Crude Oil

This 2017 article by David Bond is available on his faculty web page.

First paragraph:

This article examines the collision of crude oil and mangroves in the Caribbean during the 1970s as one...Read more

The Promising Predicament of the Keystone XL Pipeline

This 2015 article by David Bond is available on his faculty web page.Read more

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