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Photo Essay: Stormwater Outfall, Formosa Plastics Texas

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Photo: Outfalls 02, 04 and 05, 08.25.2018

August 2018, outfalls 2,4,5 into Cox Creek. This view is facing north to the facility.

Photo: Missing Gate Outfall 006

November 20, 2017, missing screen on gate at Formosa outfall 06 that discharges into Cox Creek

Photo: Ditch and Pipe Discharge Outfall 007, 11.2017

November 2017, earthen ditch and pipe discharge of Formosa outfall 07 into Cox Creek

Photo: Formosa Outfall 08, 11.2017

November 2017, Waterkeeper Ronnie Hamrick at Formosa outfall 08 near Cox Creek.

Photo: Sampling at Outfall 08

November 2017, Waterkeepers Hamrick and David Sumpter at Formosa outfall 08 at Cox Creek

Photo: Outfall 011, 2020.05

May 2020, Formosa outfall 011 that discharges into Lavaca Bay at loading dock area

Photo: Outfall 09, 08.17. 2018

2018 Formosa outfall 09 into Cox Creek

Photo: Observing Spillway, 11.2018

Dec 2018, Diane Wilson, Waterkeeper, on south side of Cox Creek (Alcoa dam area) spillway and observing cement discharge entrance.

Sediment Quality Assessment Survey and Toxicity Identification Evaluation Studies in Lavaca Bay, Texas

Quote from the report: “The most toxic station overall in this survey was station 18 at the Formosa Plastics Co. outfall. This station is in the upper part of Lavaca Bay which has been less impacted by the contamination from the ALCOA plant than most of the stations in this survey but is...Read more

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