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04122007台灣立報 從環境看台鋼系列1

04122007台灣立報 從環境看台鋼系列1 newspaper'Lihpao' From the environmental stand steel series1

In interviews with local oyster farmers, the fishermen said that the locals mostly rely on farming oysters for their livelihood. Since the arrival of sixth naphtha cracker,...Read more

20111228六輕四期第六第七次環差分析報告書面意見函雲林淺海養殖協會 (Opinion Letter)

20111228六輕四期第六第七次環差分析報告書面意見函 雲林淺海養殖協會

Written opinion letter of ring difference analysis report 
Yunlin Shallow Aquaculture Association

1. The new development area is the original five-phase development project. Now Formosa Plastics is attempting to use the...Read more

20020508 聯合報 抽砂填海影響蚵苗 (May 8, 2002 Joint report, sand pumping and reclamation affects oyster seedlings)


'United Daily News' reports "Sand Pumping and Reclamation Affect Oyster Seedlings? ...Read more

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