late industrialism

Inland Empire Timeline and Organizations

Composing a timeline for this project has allowed for the constant iteration of industrial aesthetics to bubble to the surface. This part of California has been ground-zero for multiple industrial booms over three centuries. Matching these booms to industrial and civic entities makes for...Read more

Core Categories Inland Empire

In this sketch, I decided to take a  theoretical approach, mapping out what theoretical core categories might be integral to this kind of research. Alternatively, I could see another mapping look at practical core categories and get very useful methodological tools.Read more

Competing Inland Empire Hegemonies

Sketching out core hegemonies is an invaluable tool for understanding discursive risks and gaps in research design. This is particularly true when the subject matter includes massive power imbalances and contested discursivities, as my staccatto project does.Read more

Designating Late Industrial Inland Empire

This ethnographic sketch uses Kim Fortun's sense of Late Industrialism as a starting point and considers within the confines of my proposed research project how the materialities of such living is articulated, or undercut. Late Industrialism is a strong hermeneutic for any project focusing on...Read more

McGrath Undergrad Course Module

This sketch, pulled from a future where I have published research on aesthetics and masculinity in California's Inland Empire, engages criss-crossing academic discourse on ruination, late industrialism, precarity, and postmodern alienation. Given time, I could see this module getting richer with...Read more

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