Talk Script: Archiving Against Petro - Archive Ethnography as Tactic

What is the world we have observed? We are interested in understanding what kind of data capacities and data infrastructures are needed to support "the long game" of transnational environmental activism against petrochemical expansion in the US, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In that...Read more

Report: Dong Yen Parish Case Summary 2016.12.06

Taiwanese plant’s toxic dumping threatens the health and livelihood of millions in Vietnam Century-old Dong Yen Parish faces disappearanceRead more

TS: 2016 Vietnam Marine Disaster

  • TS: From April 6, 2016 until the end of the month, hundreds of tons of wild and farmed fish died along about 250 kilometers of coastline around the periphery of Formosa

  • ...Read more

Formosa Vietnam housing development

This image is relevant for my research because it shows the disaster caused before a Formosa Plastics plant is built Read more

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