water pollution

Geostatistical analysis of biomarkers of genotoxicity in cattle, Bos taurus and Bos taurus X Bos indicus, sentinels near industrial facilities

This study, performed at the behest of ranchers living and working down-prevailing wind from industrial facilities located in Calhoun County, Texas investigated locational risks to ecosystem health associated with prox- imity to specific industrial complexes. Concerns expressed were for...Read more

Document: Public comment on Permit Number WQ0002436000, 01.16.2016

In this public comment to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Diane Wilson follows up on an earlier request to hold a hearing about Formosa Plastics' wastewater permit. In the comment, Wilson outlines why the group she represents ("Texas Injured Workers") is affected by Formosa...Read more

Formosa Delaware Violations 08.16.2019

Notice of clean water violation at Formosa Plastics Plant in Delaware, USA.Read more

Document: TCEQ Wastewater Inspection of Plastic Facilities, 03.06.2019

From Diane Wilson, in email correspondence:

"This is why a wastewater inspection by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) allows a facility to succeed with flying colors. Give them two weeks notice and let the facility know exactly what the inspectors are going to do.  Enclosed...Read more

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