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Clean Air Plant Guide

This short guide was provided to workshop participants to promote clean air in homes through the use of houseplants. This guide offered a selection of plants that can help reduce harmful pollutants as well as information on how individuals can propagate new plants from existing ones.  Read more


This data visualization shows the housing of the participants who attended the 2019 Workshops as described in the pre-workshop surveys.Read more

2019 Post- Workshop Survey

This survey was distributed at the end of each of the 2019 Weather Ready Homes Workshops. The survey allowed attendees to provide feedback on the workshop, and how they felt city and health organizations were responding to climate change. It also provided attendees a space to record if...Read more

South Philadelphia Library Workshop Flyer

This was one of four flyers distributed to promote the 2019 Weather Ready Homes workshops. It promoted the South Philadelphia Library workshop that took place on July 31, 2019. Read more

Repair, Weatherization, and You

After the introduction presentation, Mr. Thomas Flaherty from the Energy Coordinating Agency gave a presentation about home weatherization, which focused on ways to reduce energy consumption such as adjustments to hot water heaters, converting light bulbs to LEDs, and programs...Read more

What is Climate Change?

The "What is Climate Change?" presentation was given to provide the workshop participants with a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of climate change and its connections to human health. Read more

What do you feel you are at risk of?

This figure displays the response of the attendees to the post-workshop survey question asking: "Based on what you learned today, do you feel that you are currently at risk for any of the following? Check all that apply: Energy Inefficiency, Flooding, Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Mold". This...Read more

Income Non-Numerical Answers

This data visualization shows the variety of non-numerical responses workshop attendees provided when asked to describe their income in the 2019 pre-workshop surveys. Income was one of the most difficult demographics to measure, as 60 percent of the participants chose not to answer or gave...Read more

Integrated Pest Management Information

This Fact Sheet put together by The Pennsylvania IPM Program, a collaboration between The Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, was provided at the 2019 workshops as a resource for Philadelphia homeowners and renters. The publication provides its readers...Read more

2019 Pre-Workshop Survey

This anonymous survey was distributed at the beginning of each of the 2019 Weather Ready Homes Workshops. It provided a baseline assessment of attendees' climate change and housing experiences to be compared to the Post-Workshop surveys distributed at the end of the workshops.Read more

2019 Workshop Booklet

This booklet provided an overview of the workshop's programming, a glossary of climate change terms, a variety of links to climate change resources, and the pre and post-workshop surveys. Read more

10 Steps To Asthma-Friendly Homes

This publication from the EPA provides a list of 10 things individuals can do to make the air quality in their homes and make their homes more asthma-friendly.Read more

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