Jorge Benavides-Rawson


Department of Anthropology, GWU Washington, DC
United States


Ph.D. Candidate


I am PhD candidate in Anthropology at the George Washington University (GWU) in Washington D.C. I hold an MA in Medical Anthropology (GWU 2015) and an MD from the University of Costa Rica School of Medicine (2005). Starting in September 2020 I will be a research fellow at Harvard's Science, Technology, and Society Program.

I am conducting my dissertation research on the co-production of epidemics and pandemics at the intersection of scientific research, policy making, and media. For my project I follow the events related to Dengue, Zika, and COVID-19. My project is a multi-sited ethnography, I am working with scientists, policy makers, and journalists in the US (Washington DC, Virginia, Atlanta, and Florida) and in Costa Rica (were I am from).

I am also a co-PI in an NSF funded project we call "Rituals in the Making," but the official name is "Funerary Practices, Pandemic Confinement, and the Implications for COVID-19 Transmission." We are looking at how rituals that have traditionally been practiced in physical spaces are being transformed into virtual practices.