Maka Suarez


El Vado neighborhood Cuenca




In my first ethnography with Ecuadorian migrants in Barcelona, ​​I explored how class relations intersect with debt and migration, as well as with labor, gender and generational relationships. I am currently preparing a manuscript where I continue to research the contradictions faced by people who migrate to improve their living conditions, but constantly find themselves underemployed, over-indebted and struggling to join an ever-changing global middle class.
My second ethnographic work is an interdisciplinary approach to air pollution in El Vado neighborhood in Cuenca, Ecuador. In collaboration with environmental engineers, artists, and El Vado neighbors’, we want to document how particulate matter moves through bodies—aging and sickening them—how it becomes part of different local data infrastructures, and how it is governed and resisted in locally specific ways, be it formal policy processes, art and performance, or ecoscience education.