Qi Jie


Shanxi University Districts, Jinzhong, Shanxi,Marxism College,Tai Yuan University of Technology.
Shanxi University Districts
Tai Yuan


Shanxi University Districts, Jinzhong, Shanxi,Marxism College,Tai Yuan University of Technology.


Educational Background:
2015.06: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Humanities College,postdoctoral;
2011.06: University of Science & Technology China, philosophy of science and technology, PhD;
2004.05: Shanxi University, philosophy of science and technology, master of Philosophy;
1997.06: Shanxi Institute of mining, enterprise management engineering, Bachelor of Science in management

Research Expertise:
1. The philosophy of history and culture: about the theory and practice about philosophy of History and Culture;
2. Comparative research on Chinese and western culture;
3. Research on the relationship technological philosophy social development.

Attending Academic Conferences:
1.2009 annual meeting of Philosophy and Culture in Shanxi
2. Chinese Academy of engineering, the 178th China Technology Philosophy Forum: "technology thinking and technology culture" (April 22, 2014 -4, 24, meeting location: Jiangsu, Changshu)
3.The establishment of the third session of the general assembly China Philosophical history Symposium Committee (October 18, 2014 -19, location: Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Journal of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences engineering and social research center"
4. The Seventh National Conference on philosophy of history -- a study of the theory and practice methodology (-5, May 17, 2015), 20: Guangzhou, Zhongshan University

Up to now,I have completed my personal monograph Research on the Problem of Tacit Knowledge and its Expression, Which is a personal monograph about comparative research on Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy. I have issued 20 academic papers ,such as "Studies in Dialectics of Nature", "Zhejiang Social Sciences", "Academic Journal of Jinyang", "Academics",etc, which are famous humanities academic magazine in China. In the meanwhile, I have hosted 5 provincial research projects, participate in 5 provincial level projects, and get "outstanding teacher" honorary title in 2009, 2011, 2016 respectively.

I began to work as a teacher at the Taiyuan University of Technology since 2004, responsible for "philosophy of history and culture", "comparative research on Chinese and Western culture", "philosophy of science and technology" , "research on Chinese creativities" in teaching and research work.