Shan-Ya Su






I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley School of Law working remotely in Taiwan. I studied Anthropology (BA) and Legal Studies (LLM) at National Taiwan University. My master’s thesis, “How the Law was Mobilized after the Injury? A Sociolegal Study of Yu Cheng (Oil Disease) (1979-2016)” investigated dispute process after a disastrous PCB poisoning breakout in 1979 Taiwan. Two highlights of this study: 1. the link between understanding cumulative injury and framing health injustice. amid political liberalization. This study received Master Thesis Award from Taiwan Law Society and Taiwan Science, Technology & Society Association.

I assisted in the project Taiwan Database for Empirical Legal Studies between 2018 and 2020. My job comprised archiving legal documents regarding human rights movement in Taiwan, and co-conducting a face-to-face survey of legal culture encompassing 2,200 interviewees.

Currently I am working in Prof. Wen-Ling Tu's project at National Chengchi University: Air Pollution Regulatory Science and Democratic Governance : Environmental Justice for the Fenceline Communities of the Industrial Zones. Our team has been conducting ethnographic studies of air pollution knowledge translation (esp. in dispute processing) in two places in Taiwan, Kaosiung and Yunlin, both of which are seriously polluted - especially by the giant petrochemical infrastructures surrounded.