Stefan Laser




Postdoc researcher @UniSiegen, Collaborative Research Centre Media of Collaboration


I am interested in the material foundations of the digital age. During my PhD, I researched the global problem of electronic waste and followed the valuation practices around this fascinating but daunting type of waste. I met legislators, recyclers and tricksters, and learned about the realities of high-tech means of designing and recycling electronics. Perhaps ironically, during this time I also learned that digital methods are an essential tool for capturing how societies are put together. Academically, I am trained in sociology and I have contributed to economic sociology, political sociology and the sociology of valuation. However, my home turf is the interdisciplinary terrain of Science and Technology Studies. I have published widely on the connection between sociality and materiality, which should also provide a basis for research at the Collaborative Research Centre called "Media of Cooperation" that I am working with. This is a research context that explores modes of cooperation in and through infrastructures. I am employed in a sub-project on the digital-ecological transformation of railways.