Vera Laub


PhD student at Edinger Institute, University Hospital, Frankfurt


2012-2016 B.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology (Heidelberg, Germany and Nes Ziona, Israel)
2016-2019 M.Sc. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (Frankfurt, Germany and University of California San Francisco, USA)
2019-now PhD Molecular Genetics/ Neuroscience/Bioinformatics (Frankfurt, Germany)

Within the scope of my PhD project, I am set out to study the transcriptional control of adult SVZ neurogenesis by TALE-homeodomain proteins with a focus on pre-B cell leukemia (Pbx1). I'm especially interested in whole-genome approaches, focusing on ChIP-/RNA-/ATAC-Seq and the interactome of my protein of interest.

As to bridge the gap between natural sciences and the humanities, I am currently learning about STS and am very interested in collaboration with STS scholars, you can also find me on Twitter @veritasnondatur.