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Fortun, Kim, Duygu Kasdogan, Tim Schütz, Pedro de la Torre III, Sharon Traweek and Scott Knowles. COVID-19 Alert Project, Disaster-STS Research Network.

Disaster STS Network

The Disaster-STS Network links researchers from around the world working to understand, anticipate and respond to disaster, fast and slow. Current projects focus on Quotidian Anthropocenes ,...Read more

D-STS COVID-19 Alert Bibliography

View or ask to join (under construction) Zotero bibliography on COVID-19

Calls for Research

COVID-19 Social Science Research Tracker (J. Nathan MatiasAlex Leavitt )

The Transnational STS (T-STS) Working Group is organzing to follow responses to COVID-19 in different settings. If interested in participating in the Transnational STS COVID-19 Project, contact Duygu Kasdogan,  

University College London Anthropology call for blog posts for Consciously Quarantined. 

Boasblogs is accepting short writing and/or multimodal submissions for Witnessing Corona (English and German)

Teaching COVID-19

Distant Pedagogy Design


Please join COVID-Calls, a daily discussion of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Free and open to the public, Monday-Friday at 5pm EST, starting March 16.  Send questions to host Scott Gabriel Knowles (, on Twitter @USofDisaster; @covidcalls). 
COVID Calls YouTube Live. Archived on Soundcloud at Slow Disaster Podcasts and can also be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Upcoming Calls
M, July 20          THE UK IN THE PANDEMIC
                                   Jose Torero, University College London

Tu, July 21        
Social science Research council

W, July 22          MAPPING COVID-19
                                    Yanni Loukissas, Georgia Tech

Th, July 23        T
                                    Anne Berg, University of Pennsylvania

F, July 24           
                                    Carl Falconer et. al. (invited)