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Fortun, Kim, Duygu Kasdogan, Tim Schütz, Pedro de la Torre III, Sharon Traweek and Scott Knowles. COVID-19 Alert Project, Disaster-STS Research Network.

Disaster STS Network

The Disaster-STS Network links researchers from around the world working to understand, anticipate and respond to disaster, fast and slow. Current projects focuses on Quotidian Anthropocenes and on teaching Environmental Injustice. An instance of the Platform for Experimental Collaborative...Read more

D-STS COVID-19 Alert Bibliography

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Calls for Research

COVID-19 Social Science Research Tracker (J. Nathan MatiasAlex Leavitt )

The Transnational STS (T-STS) Working Group is organzing to follow responses to COVID-19 in different settings. If interested in participating in the Transnational STS COVID-19 Project, contact Duygu Kasdogan,  

University College London Anthropology call for blog posts for Consciously Quarantined. 

Teaching COVID-19

Teaching COVID-19: A Collaborative Anthropology Syllabus (led by Nina Brown, Angela Jenks, Katie Nelson and Laura Tilghman for Teaching and Learning Anthropology

Distant Pedagogy Design


Please join COVID-Calls, a daily discussion of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Free and open to the public, Monday-Friday at 5pm EST, starting March 16. 

Please spread the word #COVIDCalls, and send questions to host Scott Gabriel Knowles ( See his Twitter account @USofDisaster for daily updates and call-in links. Listen to the archive of all episodes on Soundcloud.
Upcoming Calls 
Archived on Soundcloud at Slow Disaster Podcasts 
Tu, April 7                 DISASTER, RESILIENCE, AND DATA
Daniel Aldrich, Northeastern University | Robert Soden, Columbia University

W, April 8                  COVID-19 AND CRIME
Rob Kane, Drexel University

Lori Peek, Natural Hazards Center

F, April 10                  PANDEMICS IN HISTORY
Julia Engelschalt, Bielefeld University | Jacob Remes, NYU

M, April 13                 PANDEMIC, JOURNALISM, AND END TIMES
Bryan Walsh, Axios

Tu, April 14                MEMORIALS
Jay Aronson, Carnegie Mellon University

W, April 15                 PLANNING FOR DISASTER
Lee Clarke


Past Calls 
M, March 16        Gigi Gronval, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

T, March 17         Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic + Kim Fortun, University of California Irvine

W, March 18
        Sarah DeYoung, Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware

Th, March 19      Esther Chernak, Drexel Dornsife School of Public health

F, March 20        Samantha Montano, Emergency Management and Disaster Science, University of Nebraska at Omaha and Patrick Roberts, Virginia Tech.

M, March 23               Daniel Lorenz, Disaster Research Unit, Frei Universitat, Berlin  and Gonzalo Bacigalupe, CIGIDEN, UMass Boston

Tu, March 24          
Andrew Revkin, Earth Institute, Columbia University

W, March 25           Adam Rogers, Wired

Th, March 26             GLOBAL PANDEMIC: ITALY
Giacomo Parrinello, Paris Institute of Political Studies | Paolo Cavaliere, University of Delaware

F, March 27                DISASTER AND DISABILITY
Aimi Hamraie, Vanderbilt Univ., Center for Medicine, Health, and Society

M, March 30              PANDEMICS IN HISTORY
Cindy Ermus, University of Texas, San Antonio | Christienna Fryar, Goldsmiths, University of London

Tu, March 31               COVID-19 AND THE DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT
Peter Shulman

W, April 1                  GLOBAL PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS
Andrew Lakoff, University of Southern California

Th, April 2                 CARE, GRIEVING, PARENTS AND CHILDREN
Sara McBride, USGS | Bernadette McBride, Nurse Practitioner | Yvonne Michael, Drexel University   
F, April 3                   PANDEMIC POLITICS
Julian Zelizer, Princeton University

                                 GLOBAL PANDEMIC: SOUTH KOREA
Chihyung Jeon, KAIST, South Korea | Seung-Sik Hwang, Seoul National University

M, April 6                  
Nnenia Campbell, Natural Hazards Center, UC Boulder | Ryan Hagen, Columbia University | Yeonsil Kang, Drexel University | Zachary Loeb, University of Pennsylvania | Valerie Marlowe, Disaster Research Center, Univ. Delaware